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May 27, 2010

Undocumented feature

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It’s been a long era since the last I wrote any sort blog, either personal or public and techie and I’ve been  reading quite a lot of blogs nowadays of security/code/etc related and although I dislike public-decentralized places to share information (a long term for blogs ;), I decided open one.

The reason I opened this place is mainly to document my development (if at all),and comment about my current running projects. I currently do not own any sort of personal homepage unlike others so this place could be a nice start.

There’s an old quote by John Crenshaw in his compiler writing series saying “First make it work, then make it work fast “.

My current projects are :

  1. The List – A game originally written by lonelyduck, based on Java web server (Red5) and a flash client:
    I intend to full rewrite the client and add glitches to the server, such as support in a varying number of languages, new challenges.
    So far I’ve managed to set-up the server (and recode a very small part of it), I have to study AS3 in order to finish writing the client
  2. User-land Exe – Originally written by the grugq but the current version is not usable for current Linux kernels.
    I intend to write a full rewrite of it and add crypto-layers similar to the work of Shiva .
    So far I’ve manged to update Userlandexec to the current kernel and I’m stuck/having difficult problems with dynamic linking.
  3. My own MD5 implementation – I’ve been reading about different one-way crypto hashes algorithms and I found MD5 to be very interesting, therefore I’ve decided to digg wikipedia and write my own implementation of Merkle–Damgård hash function.
    So far I’ve been reading a lot but haven’t written any sort of code 😦

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