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September 17, 2010

A different shift

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I just finished reading a paper by John Regehr
describing the difference and the approach to take when studying for MS or PhD
The paper is quite interesting and got me quite excited, as I haven’t start studying in any academic place yet.

Nowadays I ponder a lot whether or not I should get a job before starting to study or wether or not I should
studying in the university or in college, John’s two-part lectures made me realize it might not be a waste of time, as some colleagues hint me.

I’ve never thought about going for a PhD due to the fact I didn’t know the difference between a PhD and MS, I did know that
a PhD is much more harder degree and a higher-rank than an MS but further than that, I pretty much didn’t know anything else.
Once I’ve finished reading his paper any chaos that was left inside my mind was vanished.

From now on I will start writing here more often than the usual one-update-per-6-months.
I’ll even tell you a little secret, the reason I don’t write is because I don’t advance anywhere with my projects
I read from time to time interesting papers, but I do not share them with many but a few colleagues who are older than me
and have jobs/etc.


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