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April 28, 2011

Short tips: Debugging a vm with a named pipe

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I recently started writing drivers with windows, so far I’ve only written one and you can see the results down below, however I tried loading the driver in a non-traditional way using the undocumented ZwSetSystemInformation

For some unknown reason, the driver halts the system and I get an exception of an invalid instruction
However this is not the case of this post

In order to debug things correctly, I’m using VirtualBox winxp-sp2 as a guest machine to run my code and my host machine runs a windbg session
VirtualBox’s support in com ports sucks and I didn’t make it at configurating a com port for my debugging session so I decided to use named pipes

In order to do so, go to the Settings -> Serial Ports – >
Check the “Enable serial port” and create “Host Pipe”

It is quite crucial that you’ll name your pipe as \\.\pipe\ since if not you’ll get an error while running the vm

Once you’ve created a named pipe, run

kdsrv.exe -t npipe:pipe=\\.\pipe\<pipe_name> in your guest machine

within the host machine go to File -> Kernel Debug ->
and choose “Port” within the COM box write your named pipe name, Check “Pipe” and you’re done.
You can also check “Reconnect” too, it saves a few things

Once you load up the os in debug mode (bcdedit etc) be sure to hit ctrl+break to halt the system and get control
It’s also noted to use the symbol server that ms offers in order not to fuck symbols up (it’s quite a nightmare setting things up imho)


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